Thesis on weed management in transplanted rice

Effects of herbicides rates of application on the performance of transplanted aus rice. The treatments were applied as follows: Buletin Teknik Pertanian Herbicides should be applied on 8 DAS with thin layer of water in the field.

Data on weed biomass counted at different time intervals showed that weed infestation was comparatively lower in butachlor treated plots T1-T5 compared to MCPA treated plots T6- T First weeding can be done between 15 and 21 days after germination.

Effect of weedicides on weed control in wheat Tritichum aestivum crop. Phenological events in transplanted aus rice as affected by different concentrations of butachlor and MCPA. One hectare of land requires 1 person day to establish. Weed ecology requires further research.

Weed biomass, weed control efficiency WCE ; grain yield and straw yield. Herbicidal treatments were profitable than any other treatments and it appear as an alternative options in controlling weeds more easily and cheaply when there is labor crisis.

How to control weeds

However, the differences among the treatments were non-significant. Unless otherwise noted, users are free to copy, duplicate, or reproduce, and distribute, display, or transmit any of the articles or portions of the articles, and to make translations, adaptations, or other derivative works under the following conditions: Among the pre-emergence herbicides, the highest WCE was observed in pretilachlor treatments in both aman and aus season being followed by butachlor.

In case of treatments receiving MCPA a declining trend was also noticed. It is important for farmers to know when resistance may appear and the likelihood of the species becoming resistant; they are then in a position to know when the acquired resistance will disappear.

PE pretilachlor S 0. Grow seedlings on a thin layer of soil in 30 cm x 60 cm trays per seedling box. The work must be attributed, but not in any way that suggests endorsement by IRRI or the author s.

Higher yields were observed on-farm from a preemergence application of butachlor 1. Weed control efficiency by selected herbicides in transplanted rice at harvest. The ploughing of this soil for the next crop results in formation of large clods, having high breaking strength and very large amount of energy and time for preparing a fine seed bed.

Weed management is needed to control weed populations and to reduce undesired effect of farming intensification.

How to control weeds

On the other hand, as paddy field areas produce rice straw and weeds, they may be important as ruminant feed resources. The thesis attached hereto, entitled “EFFECT OF WEED CONTROL METHODS ON RICE CULTIVARS UNDER THE SYSTEM OF RICE INTENSIFICATION (SRI)” prepared and submitted by Mr.

SHARAD PANDEY, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Agriculture (Agronomy), is here by accepted.

Integrated Weed Management in Rice in India. The objective of this paper is to provid e a summary on integrated weed management in. in transplanted rice. Studies for weed management in transplanted rice were carried out at the experimental farm of Rice Research Institute, Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore during the Kharif seasons of and to find out the best strategy for weed control in.

Weed management should begin when decisions are made about which crops, which varieties of those crops, and which herbicide technologies will be planted. Nearly every farming operation is becoming larger and more diverse, so thorough record-keeping is important in regards to crop, variety, and technology selection.

Key Words: Transplanted aman rice, water management, weed control treatment and yield. Introduction The yield of transplanted aman rice in Bangladesh is much lower than that of transplanted rice in other rice growing countries.

Among the various factors, severe weed infestation is the most important for such low yield (Mamun, ).

Thesis on weed management in transplanted rice
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Pre And Post Plant Herbicidal Weed Management In Transplanted Rice |